About us

Mediterranean Spirit is a space designed for lovers of exquisite wine, quality products and the most traditional of flavors; our family wineries are an indisputable reference in both national and international wine making possessing over 130 hectares of vineyards allowing us to provide an excellent selection of red, white and pink wines, as well as Sangrias full of personality and a range of olive oils that are sure to impress even the most demanding of palates seeking authentic Mediterranean flavours.

Mediterranean Spirit was founded in 2010 by Jorge Sanchez and his team of professional winemakers, whom selected 5 wineries amongst hundreds, with the firm purpose of guaranteeing the up-most excellence in each and every one of their wine products.

A very old tradition rests on master winemakers whose artisanal work has helped promote some of the most typical products found in La Rioja, Navarra and the general Mediterranean area, which is now the privileged enclave for our vineyards and wineries. Its moderate continental climate provides shelter and protection to the fertile slopes where both the vineyards and olive trees year after year reach their maximum splendor.

They have both D.O.Ca. Rioja and D.O. Navarra, meaning they have the approval of the respective regulatory councils in charge of certifying and confirming the quality of the products and land. At Mediterranean Spirit, we do everything in our power to offer a varied menu of flavors combining the most innovative of characteristics that have accumulated over a millennia of history; we offer at your disposal a range of wines matured in American and French Oak barrels which are both traditional and avant-garde, both of which coming together with the same harmony and intensity. On the other hand, our olive oils are proud to have the nickname 'Liquid Gold' due to being produced with olives of the upmost quality.

Last but by no means least we also offer a very home-made Sangria, made from the best red wines, macerated fruits and many other high quality ingredients. Because details make all the difference, our catalog prides itself on having various guarantees and seals of quality due to our rigorous controls before, during and after production, using the most innovative of techniques and practices, without compromising tradition and origin - Something that is present in each and every one of our creations, and as a direct result have won both national and international rewards.

Since its inauguration, Mediterranean Spirit has pain stakingly worked to provide the best the Mediterranean has to offer, with an assortment of wines, sangrias and olive oils which are sure to impress even the most seasoned of palates.