Mediterranean Spirit Olive Oil

The essence of the Mediterranean and its exquisite gastronomy finds its roots in olive oil - A product full of flavor, aroma and tradition which is backed by thousands of years of olive culture. In Mediterranean Spirit we have a range of 100% natural olive oils, made from the highest quality olives and prepared by masters of the art, who are responsible for their colors, tastes and smell.

An essential ingredient and staple of the Mediterranean diet, our olive oils are prepared immediately after collecting the olives (Olea europaea), with the intention of fully preserving their organoleptic qualities. Unlike many other brands, we have our very own olive groves in La Rioja, Navarra and the general Mediterranean area - A historical land of flavors, where our main suppliers regularly provide us with the best of their crops. The perfect climate, the supreme quality of the substratum and the love that our farmers put into their crops, provide us with a unique product that is considered almost sacred amongst the selection of products we have on offer.

Always in search of excellence, Mediterranean Spirit's olive oils use natural decantation, without filtration, using techniques that respect the environment throughout its process of preparation, proving our commitment to the ecosystem. We are strongly committed to producing a final product of exquisite quality, which we can guarantee thanks to rigorous controls and evaluations.

This treasure of our gastronomy truly does justice to its nickname 'Liquid Gold' in Mediterranean Spirit, which even puts a smile on our face as well as improving our body's wellbeing - Not only does olive oil enhance the flavor of our dishes, it also extends our life span.