Mediterranean Spirit Wines

Red Wine

Mediterranean Spirit red wines are the result of a millennium old tradition that dates back to the first Iberian civilizations, with its geography having no less than 70 different regulatory classification wine regions. Contrary to popular believe, the redness of the wine is not due to the juice of the grapes used, but thanks to the skins, providing an irresistible visual appeal as well as the presence of tannins, the latter being absent in white varieties.

White Wine

Wine reaches its highest levels of excellence in its white variety, an authentic treasure of viticulture which can be found in all its glory with Mediterranean Spirit; Discover a catalogue of the most exquisite national and international white wines thanks to the ingredients, the expressiveness of its flavor and the intensity of its aromas, whilst being fermented in American and French Oak barrels for up to 4 years.

Rose Wine

Despite history tending to concentrate its attention on red and white wines in viticulture, rosé wines have nothing to envy of them in terms of quality, presence, flavor and reputation. At Mediterranean Spirit, you can find a range of internationally renowned rosés that have been aged in bottle and French and American barrels for a minimum of 48 months. The enriching effect of time combined with the mastery of our Navarra and La Rioja born wine makers immortalize all of our range of products.

Signature Wine

These exclusive products owe their success to the winemaking traditions present in the La Rioja and Navarra territories which are protected by the D.O.Ca. Rioja and D.O. Navarra as well as the perfect climate of the northern peninsular. Their alcohol and acidity contents make them the perfect companion for seafood, white fish, Iberian hams, as well as many other high quality delicacies that are sure to impress even the most demanding gourmets.