Mediterranean Spirit Red Wine

Wine tasting requires higher skill when it comes to red wine varieties; Mediterranean Spirit invites you to discover a selection of some of the most prestigious international red wines. Aromas, richness and the supreme quality all go hand in hand with each other, with every product being carefully aged in French and American Oak barrels.

Mediterranean Spirit red wines are the result of a millennium old tradition that dates back to the first Iberian civilizations, with its geography having no less than 70 different regulatory classification wine regions. Contrary to popular believe, the redness of the wine is not due to the juice of the grapes used, but thanks to the skins, providing an irresistible visual appeal as well as the presence of tannins, the latter being absent in white varieties.

The period of time a red wine is aged in barrel or bottle determines it's identity and alcohol percentage; It’s safe to say that Tinto de Mesa is considered the perfect entry wine for those wishing to participate in viticulture, due to its low concentration of tannins; The 'Vino Joven', however, requires a slightly longer aging process, being sold during its first or second year; 'Crianza' and 'Reserva' need to be aged at least 3 years and finally 'Gran Reserva' is the most distinguished of its competitors due to it being made with only the highest quality grapes and being aged for at least 5 years.

Many of these wines pertain to famous wineries with their very own vineyards being located in La Rioja, Navarra and the general Mediterranean area - Undisputable meccas of this noble art. These lands are proud to boast D.O.Ca. Rioja and D.O. Navarra and are characterized by a moderate continental climate which envelops the vineyards providing their wineries with a perfect temperature for both fermentation and aging.

Elegant and aromatic with unsurpassed origins, is the perfect way to define Mediterranean Spirit's red wines; An exquisite range that stands out from the rest due its excellence, intense character and unmistakable taste - A true delight for ones palate.